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Guide to Booking Your 2024 Holiday

Please read carefully

What we need to know:

When you book your holiday, we need to know, your name(s), full address and telephone number. Should you have any special requests (such as low floor rooms, sea view, adjoining rooms) you MUST advise us at the time of booking. We will then pass on your special request to the hotels concerned. We generally receive many requests however, and under no circumstances can we guarantee that they will be met or that the hotel(s) is/are able to provide the requested facility. We cannot, therefore, accept a booking which is made conditional upon a special request being satisfied. We aim to provide you with the best holiday possible, but in the unlikely event that a problem should arise, you must bring this to the attention of your drivers/hotel manager, so that we can resolve the matter on the spot we cannot sort it out a week later when you get back SO PLEASE SAY SOMETHING.


Limited to 4 per tour. These must be flat folding due to space limitations. Please notify our staff at the time of booking if you are taking a wheelchair/walker, no motorised scooters or battery powered wheelchairs allowed. Please note any hiring of scooters in the holiday resorts are for resort use only – you are not allowed to take them out of the local area.


We offer a door-to-door pick up service on all tours (Subject to areas*) 5 – 8 days in duration unless otherwise stated. However to reduce costs and time for stays of just 2 – 4 days (excluding New Year Breaks) we have to introduce a pick up route as follows:

BARNSLEY BUS STATION, SHEFFIELD INTERCHANGE (POND ST) AND CHESTERFIELD COACH STATION. For the comfort of all passengers these points must be adhered to and your pick up point must remain the same as your return point.


Any customers from the Sheffield area will receive a £5.00 discount to get to either CHAPELTOWN, HERRIES ROAD, SHEFFIELD INTERCHANGE (POND ST) or CHESTERFIELD COACH STATION.

Any alterations to your address or pick up point must be notified to one of our offices no later than 8 DAYS prior to departure.


WE ACCEPT CASH, CHEQUE OR VISA CARD PAYMENTS We do NOT charge for card payments.

If you have your own insurance or wish to travel without you will be asked to complete an insurance disclaimer form. Your balance must be paid 6 weeks prior to departure. 8 weeks prior to departure for Jersey. 


All information regarding hotel facilities are taken from each individual hotel’s brochure. For information or enquiries regarding lifts/stairs, etc please consult the hotel brochure or contact the hotel concerned. Some of the hotels will have imposed by law the non smoking policy. Each hotel will have designated smoking areas and will advise visitors on arrival.


The company must be notified if any customer has suffered from either vomiting and/or diarrhoea within 72 hours of travelling. Please note that some hotels may refuse any persons who they consider to be a risk to other passengers or staff due to being taken ill during transit. (This strict policy helps to protect you, staff and other travelling guests).


‘Under the terms of the licensing (Scotland) at 2005, the supply of alcoholic drinks in our All Inclusive Packages is not unlimited. Subject to our discretion in the case of drunkenness, patrons on an All Inclusive Package shall be permitted a maximum of £15 worth of alcoholic drinks per day as part of the package’.


In the event of you having to cancel your holiday please take note of our cancellation charges below. These charges apply to all holidays whether you take insurance or not. To avoid any unpleasantness we advise you to read your insurance very carefully on receipt as refunds of premiums cannot be issued unless it is within 14 days of purchase. A transfer fee of £10 per person will be charged for any changes made EARLIER than 6 weeks prior to departure. Transfers not allowed under 6 weeks.


As the majority of our pick ups are done by taxis we would like to stress that luggage must be restricted to one medium suitcase per person (max 15kgs in weight) or one large suitcase per couple plus one item of hand luggage. Your “GEE VEE TRAVEL” luggage labels will be issued when you pay your balance and these must be clearly marked with your name, address/pick up point and holiday destination.

Luggage dimensions, 26in x 18in, 15kgPlease see opposite for maximum dimensions and weight of your suitcase. THIS IS ALSO A GENERAL PRESUMPTION THAT SHOULD THE NEED ARISE YOU CAN LIFT YOUR OWN SUITCASE (Most Hotels provide porterage but it IS NOT guaranteed).

The company reserves the right to cancel any tour due to public demand or change any hotels or itineraries due to unforeseen circumstances. We will do this as soon as we possibly can.


5 day tour = 1 full day + a  ½ day excursion. 6/7 day tour = 2 full day excursions. 

8 days and above tour = 2 full days + ½ day excursion.  Unless otherwise stated. 

Venues for excursions will be at the drivers discretion. Due to Driving hours restrictions Drivers MAY not be able to drive which COULD impact these days out.


Although government guidelines have changed regarding limits on duty free, due to space limitations these guidelines may not be accepted.

Data Privacy

Gee Vee Travel is committed to ensuring the security and protection of the personal information that we process, and to provide a compliant and consistent approach to Data Protection.


Prior to 42 days before departure                                                         Deposit only
29 to 42 days before departure date                                                     30% of holiday cost
15 to 28 days before departure date                                                     45% of holiday cost
8 to 14 days before departure date                                                       60% of holiday cost
1 to 7 days before departure date                                                         100% of holiday cost

V.A.T. is included at 20% any amendment of this or ANY other Tax or Brexit failures could result in a price variation. 



Gee Vee Travel

Barnsley - 01226 287403
Chesterfield - 01246 555002
Sheffield - 0114 232 3366

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All our holidays are fully bonded and operate a no smoking, no ecig policy

All coaches are fitted with toilets

Door-to-door subject to area